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Epidemiology and Population Health Sciences Division Epidemiology Division
Epidemiology and Population Health Sciences Division

The Basic Science of Public Health

The University of Miami Division of Epidemiology & Population Health Sciences embraces the traditional role of Epidemiology, the “basic science” of public health, in the evaluation of the distribution and determinants of health and disease. Our division aims to play major roles in the promotion of health and the prevention and management of diseases in populations at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Division Projects and Initiatives

New opportunities and challenges are emerging with the advances in genomics, molecular biology, epigenetics, nanotechnology, and pharmacoepidemiology. Our division is actively participating in the Million Veterans Program (MVP), in partnership with the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, to enroll 20,000 South Floridians in a prospective cohort to study how genes affect health and disease.

At the clinical and community levels, applied epidemiology will facilitate the participation of our division, together with other UM Departments and Academic Units, in the implementation of strategies leading to better healthcare and seeking the well-being of the population.

In response to the global epidemiologic transition, from predominant infectious diseases to the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCD), our division is evaluating major risk factors, such as tobacco, obesity, poor eating, and sedentary lifestyle and providing the framework to promote healthy living and reduce the burden of NCD, like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases. Participation in major programs, such as the Florida Cancer Registry, the Hispanic Community Health Study, the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcome Study, and the Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative, further enhances the efforts of division faculty, staff and students to fulfill our academic mission in education, research and service.


Ph.D. in Epidemiology

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Epidemiology is an intensive research training program for students with prior training in epidemiology or related disciplines. Students are given the skills necessary to approach health problems to generate consequential research questions and use the most appropriate epidemiologic methods to address them.

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For information regarding Division projects and initiatives, please contact Dr. Jennifer Hu at and Dr. Wayway M. Hlaing at For program inquiries regarding the Ph.D. in Epidemiology, please contact Heather Rose at