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We are an academic center of excellence that works to improve the health of the public – one community at a time – through research, education, and service. We promote an environment of learning and inquiry, stressing the scientific method as a way of building knowledge about common pathways that affect health.

Our faculty ask provocative questions that challenge the status quo, build new models to test, and encourage students to conceive innovative ways to advance the field and bring effective solutions to communities that need them.

Our highly qualified, experienced and diverse faculty maintain an intimate, hands-on and personal approach. In addition, we combine research and training with service and interventions to translate our discoveries into policy and practice.

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Graduate Programs Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to... Contact
Drop a class after the drop/add period Carlen
Find out who my advisor is Katelyn
Meet with Dr. Viviana Horigian Pilar
Register for capstone or thesis courses Katelyn
Obtain a letter for visa extension, OPT, etc. Rosa
Receive approval for transfer credits Rosa
Develop a contract for Independent Study Carlen
Enroll for graduation or extend graduation date Carlen
Find student employment Katelyn
Inquire about funding for capstone & conferences Derek
Inquire about the Florida Subsidy Grant Ginelle
Know which student events are coming up Rosa
Work in summer without being enrolled Rosa
Discuss student grievance policy and procedures Begoña
Know when to finish my capstone with an “IP” Katelyn
Obtain approval for courses at other UM programs Rosa
Inquire about participating at recruitment fairs Ginelle
Ask about a hold on my account Carlen

Administration Staff Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to inquire about... Contact
Onboarding and access Pilar
Discretionary monitoring and reconciliations Laura
The hiring of students, staff, or faculty Josie
Video conferencing and A/V equipment Orlando
Training/supervising admin. student employees Pilar
Expenditure compliance Jessica
Organize and schedule meetings Pilar
Proposal guidance Research Team
Annual promotion and tenure Josie
Budget and compliance questions Jessica
Computer equipment and desktop support Orlando
Office of Research Administration Research Team
Space management Orlando
NIH and internal UM policies related to grants Simone
Department office management Pilar
Work orders (facilities/telecom) Orlando
Back up administrative support to Chair’s office Pilar