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Portrait of Ann Sofie Larsson Portrait of Ann Sofie Larsson

Expansion within the Brief Strategic Family Therapy Insititute

Ann Sofie Larsson (also known as Fia) has joined the BSFT® Institute fulltime as a Senior International Consultant as of April 2023. Fia has been a member of the BSFT® family since 2007, when she was selected for the first BSFT® team at Maria Ungdom, a premier drug addiction facility for youth and a division of the City of Stockholm. Fia, the youngest BSFT® therapist, quickly rose to become the team’s BSFT® On-Site Supervisor.

In 2015, Maria Ungdom’s esteemed director Goran Hägglund, created a new and larger organization Framtid Stockholm and Maria Ungdom was absorbed as a unit, renamed Mini Maria. At Framtid Stockholm, Fia was promoted to senior leadership positions, leading three units out of eight at Framtid Stockholm. She maintained a strong advocacy role, strengthening the reputation of the BSFT® model among the leadership of the City of Stockholm. Today, the City of Stockholm holds the distinction of operating the longest running BSFT® program in the world (16 years), housed at Framtid Stockholm.

Due to her extraordinary clinical insight, in 2017, Fia became the first international BSFT® Model Manager. At Framtid Stockholm, Fia nurtured her teams and inspired leadership development. Today, there are two other BSFT® Model Managers at Framtid Stockholm: Carole Vennevold and Moa Lernbrink. In large part due to Fia’s leadership and the excellent performance of teams of highly competent Swedish BSFT® therapists, in 2021, the Swedish Board of Health endorsed the BSFT® model as an Evidence Based Model. Building on that endorsement, Fia’s primary role at the BSFT® Institute is to create and develop new BSFT® programs in Sweden and Denmark. In addition, she will be contributing to the ongoing development of BSFT® implementation, particularly the organizational intervention.